Garage Conversions Bromley

Turn your garage into an extra bedroom. A children’s playroom. A home office. Or a home gym. Gale Builders Bromley can help you remodel your garage, converting it into a functional part of your home. Raise the value of your property with garage conversion services completed by highly trained professionals.

What your garage conversion service includes:

  1. Qualified specialists who can help you create a layout which makes the most out of your space or who you can share your ideas with.
  2. All of the details and logistics will be carefully mapped out. Then work will begin.
  3. Once your builders have completed the base construction, they will add finishing touches of your choosing.
  4. Enjoy a space which closely matches your needs and lifestyle.

Why trust a specialist garage conversion company?

Converting your garage into a usable space has many benefits. For example, a well-thought-out garage conversion can add as much as 10% to the value of your home. This home improvement will also extend your living space without incurring the costs and inconvenience of moving to another property.

Whatever the reasons for your garage conversion, we would always recommend booking a consultation with us first. By speaking with a professional, you ensure that your finished garage will meet all building regulations or the specifics of your leasehold. This is a part of the work which Gale Builders Bromley is always happy to handle on your behalf.

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Dial 020 3026 9370 or fill out our online contact form now. You will be able to discuss your needs and any requirements related to your project. And get a clear quote on the work you want to have done.

Get detailed information regarding our garage conversion services in Bromley at your convenience. Tell us what you have in mind. And get everything you need to make your project a stress-free success.

Clients Reviews

We have changed several building companies since their job was not what we expected. Fortunately, a friend recommended us the services of Gale Builders Bromley who really exceeded our expectation. We also recommend the guys to anyone who is fed up with low quality building services.

Sarah and Bob Tailor, Chislehurst

Everything was done the way I wished. Try the services on Gale Builders Bromley, and you won’t be disappointed!

Martin Hudson, Mottingham

My house was completely transformed, and now it is definitely a more comfortable place to live. Thank you Gale Builders Bromley! You are really incredible!

Kristina Cannon, Swanley

Gale Builders Bromley are real specialists in what they do. They not only laid new tiles in the kitchen but left the place clean and neat. You are great!

Norman and Rene Keys, Farnborough

I will surely trust Gale Builders Bromley again for its professionalism and accuracy! Thank you for everything you have done in my home! It is really amazing!

Vicky M. , Eden Park